The mysterious black box that popped up every minute

So a customer called me up with a complaint that his screen didn’t automatically turn off anymore after 5 minutes and every minute or so a black box comes up and disappears immediately. I logged in via Teamviewer to take a look at what the problem could be and yes, a black box did turn up every minute.

The hunt

At first, I tried pressing print screen when it came up but the window just disappeared too fast and kept eluding me. After a few more tries I gave up and looked for another way (I’m sure gamers would persist until they got it right – I felt the urge too). I quickly found the “record session” feature in Teamviewer (“Extras” -> “Record”) and waited until the window popped up. After the recording was completed, playing it back with the built-in Teamviewer player was totally useless as you could only navigate through the video with a precision of 10 seconds. Luckily enough, Teamviewer does allow you to export the recording to an AVI file, which I played back with VLC giving me fine-grained navigation through the video. Success! The culprit was found.

The return of an old enemy

This was the window in question that kept popping up:


Hum. What’s that? Research In Motion? It looks like I’m not done yet eradicating every last piece of BlackBerry crap off of my customer base.

For Googlers:


There was an error deleting C:\ProgramData\Research In Motion\Tunnel Manager\rimtun-2013-07-11-07-29-47.2388.bugz

Unknown arg ‘-Embedding’

The fix The workaround

Further investigation, this was caused by the “BlackBerry Link Communication Manager” service. I disabled the service and the window stopped popping up.

Of course, the actual cause is some developer that made a mistake programming this, calling some program with the wrong arguments. Maybe the version of “some program” is different from the one he expected. But anyway, the “fix” I applied to the client (disabling the “BlackBerry Link Communication Manager” service) sufficed, as my customer only connected his BlackBerry to put files on it, not having this service working wasn’t a problem.


20 thoughts on “The mysterious black box that popped up every minute

  1. Thank you! Just started happening today to me as well. For future reference, BlackBerry Link was working fine on my computer until I upgraded the Bluetooth drivers.

  2. This started happening on my Lenovo T520 after I installed many Lenovo updates. I am not sure which update triggered this issue.

  3. Now a problem on my system too. How I detest the day I bought my BB Q10. Problems, duplications in my Outlook Contacts, system crashes, slow sync, few apps, you name it. Now this tunnel manager crap.

    Really BB, it is the year 2014 and you should have solved the BB 10 issues by now. Not even my kids are interested to “inherit” my Q10. Apart from all the software issues and missing functionalities in BB10 (how I miss BB7), it has also lost its “Cool factor”. Time to move on.

  4. Thank you very much. I could not play my games because it kept closing the game window. God Bless you! – Rick

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  6. This was great, thanks for helping ID the issue. I couldn’t uninstall BB Link for some reason but I stopped the PeerManager process in task manager and the annoying pop up has stopped.

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