The mysterious black box that popped up every minute

So a customer called me up with a complaint that his screen didn’t automatically turn off anymore after 5 minutes and every minute or so a black box comes up and disappears immediately. I logged in via Teamviewer to take a look at what the problem could be and yes, a black box did turn up every minute.

The hunt

At first, I tried pressing print screen when it came up but the window just disappeared too fast and kept eluding me. After a few more tries I gave up and looked for another way (I’m sure gamers would persist until they got it right – I felt the urge too). I quickly found the “record session” feature in Teamviewer (“Extras” -> “Record”) and waited until the window popped up. After the recording was completed, playing it back with the built-in Teamviewer player was totally useless as you could only navigate through the video with a precision of 10 seconds. Luckily enough, Teamviewer does allow you to export the recording to an AVI file, which I played back with VLC giving me fine-grained navigation through the video. Success! The culprit was found.

The return of an old enemy

This was the window in question that kept popping up:


Hum. What’s that? Research In Motion? It looks like I’m not done yet eradicating every last piece of BlackBerry crap off of my customer base.

For Googlers:


There was an error deleting C:\ProgramData\Research In Motion\Tunnel Manager\rimtun-2013-07-11-07-29-47.2388.bugz

Unknown arg ‘-Embedding’

The fix The workaround

Further investigation, this was caused by the “BlackBerry Link Communication Manager” service. I disabled the service and the window stopped popping up.

Of course, the actual cause is some developer that made a mistake programming this, calling some program with the wrong arguments. Maybe the version of “some program” is different from the one he expected. But anyway, the “fix” I applied to the client (disabling the “BlackBerry Link Communication Manager” service) sufficed, as my customer only connected his BlackBerry to put files on it, not having this service working wasn’t a problem.